About Mar House Furniture

Marie Lounge - Mar House Furniture - High Point, North Carolina

Mar House creates high-quality handmade furniture in High Point, North Carolina. Our customers see both our passion and dedication to quality reflected in our furnishings. We are committed to building furniture that will not only last for generations but are also affordable.

Mar House Furniture is a family-owned business with roots in handcrafted work. At the age of 13, Jose Carabantes began helping his older brother, a carpenter. He went on to work in the furniture industry for over 20 years. Jose is an accomplished painter finds inspiration for his furniture designs through his art work. Jose launched Mar House Furniture in 2017 with a vision to connect customers with durable and unique products. He is committed to producing high-quality furniture in High Point, NC, a city with a legacy of innovative furniture design.

Mar House Furniture will work with you to create custom pieces to your satisfaction. We can also produce pieces based on your own designs. To learn more about the products in our catalog, or to inquire about custom design and production, please contact us.